BTM-orders are coming up at Euroblech in Stuttgart

Published 2021-10-27

This week BTM is attending Blechexpo in Stuttgart. Staff from the German, Portuguese and Swedish team are at the Fair.

Our Bo Claesson, who is at the fair says:

Now after, or hopefully at least in the end of, the C19 pandemic, visitors are carefull and safety is still very important. You can tell that things are not as they were before and if this is how it is going to be further on is still to be confirmed.

In spite of the fact that the situation still is a bit insecure we are happy that visitors are coming from all of Europe and this fair will for sure generate more business to BTM and for us working here at the fair it is great to be able to meet our customers and potential customers again. Happy to be back in business, says Bo, here with our German collegue Mr. Hans-Werner Fisch.