Showing a Robot Clinch Gun

Premiere for Kistler NCFC-55 servo drive as a Robot Clinch Gun

Published 2022-04-13

Here we have BTM on site adjusting and programming this Clinch unit equipped with Kistlers latest servo drive NCFC-55 which is officially launched today.

BTM has been providing the market with so called Clinch Guns with different power supplies – for example Servo drive. The uniqe point with this is that BTM’s collaboration with Kistler now can introduce an optimized Robot Clinch Gun regarding for example size, weight, stroke and press force. Add to this Kistlers history of having one of the best process monitoring systems. Together this makes a strong concept on the market. You can read more about the product and the collaboration between BTM and Kistler in Kistlers press release here. In this case the application is applied to a Motoman robot and the Clinch tooling is Tog-L-Loc® 3,8. The product that this is going to be clinched in this application is for the HVAC industry.