BTM Clinching School

BTM Clinching School is now up and running. We will, in a random amount of episodes, guide you through everyting there is to know about Sheet Metal Clinching.

Our intention is to increase the knowledge of Sheet Metal Clinching and to present some good tips and trix for customers already using this method. You can find the episodes here on our website, on social media and on Youtube. Watch and Enjoy!


Episode 1. What is Sheet Metal Clinching?

Episode 2. Why should we use Sheet Metal Clinching?

Episode 3. What Equipment or Machine is suitable for my production?

Episode 4. Strength and Performance of a Sheet Metal Clinch

Episode 5. Process Control System

Do you have any questions or do you have ideas of what we should include further on in the BTM Clinching School? Send us an e-mail, adress