Simple, effective and gentle

Clinching is often the most cost effective and practical solution for joining sheet metal. The system consists of a machine equipped with a punch and a die. You can choose, handheld units, universal presses, customized special purpose machinery or in line high  volume equipment for your production.

Our various clinching techniques have different characteristics, but common to all is that they create a strong leakproof joint without introducing other materials or supply heat. The technology which is used is controlled by the materials to be joined.

The clinch tools have a long life and can withstand normal 300,000 joints before they need replacing. Therefore, they use usually both a qualitative and economical solution, both for you and for the retail/end customer.

Tog-L-Loc in action

Competitive construction
Both for you and retail

Clinching is often compared with spot welding, which is one of the more common alternatives. But choosing clinching provides many benefits. A prperly applied and executed clinching process can lower the total cost of your product by 80% in comparison with spot welding. In comparison with other methods, such as riveting, the benefits are even greater. Our technicians can handle a total material thickness up to 8 mm as satndard, and a wide range of different materials with varying properties.

Clinching gives:

  • Cost-effective series production
  • High repeatabillity
  • Energy-efficient production
  • No added materials or heat
  • No residues

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