Tools and spare parts

Several technologies - parts for flexibility and longevity

We offer a number of different techniques for joining products – system solutions for effective production during different conditions.

Our clinching systems are designed to create a strong consistent joint in various metals and with as quick tool change and equipment adjustment other thickness or metals can be joined. Our tooling stock levels allow for quick & easy tool change if you wish to join different combinations.
You can also change the technology for riveting. The possibilities are many.

Our tools are long lasting, but factors, such as material defects and impurities can break a tool more quickly. When this does happen our technicians will aim to resolve the problem as quickly and easily as possible.

Please contact us, we will develop what you need – please read more about our different technologies in the brochures below!

BTM:s benefits of technologies

  • Cost-effective series production
  • High repeatability
  • No pre- or after work
  • Does not damage the surface treatment
  • Low energy consumption
  • No added material or heat
  • No waste