Creating clinching solutions

Complete solutions for clinching and perforation of sheet metal.


The lightweight and self-supporting structures ventilation modules, clinching is often superior as a joining technology because it is gentle to the aluminized or galvanized finishes.

White goods

Joining of panels and structures in thin sheet for the white goods industry, clinching is often a optimal choice. The production area also becomes cleaner and does not harm the production environment.


As clinching does not use any third part fasterners such as Self Pierce Rivets for example vehicle structures generally are lower in weight. Clinching has a far better life expectancy in a vehicle when compared to spot welding.


In the manufacture of interior partitions, bridge structures, panels or covering for the construction industry clinching is durable and time-resistant joint which maintains anti-corrosion coatings and treatments.


Compared with other joining methods clinching consumes less energy and materials, and since no heat is emitted no gases. In addition, when the product reaches the end of its life, it is easier to sort for recycling.

BTM:s benefits

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced lead times
  • Low energy consumption
  • No heat
  • Clean manufacturing
  • Low noise
  • Cost effective
  • No welding
  • No added materials
  • No waste


Marie-Louise Lukk
Stefan Unosson
Bo Claesson


Blomdahls mekaniska

We are very pleased with the investment that worked completerly maintenance free. The advantages are so many and the calculation shows that the investment paid off in a very short time for us, says Jan Blomdahl who is the owner and the production manager.